outil Fab21 impression 3D
outil Fab21 impression 3D
outil Fab21 impression 3D
outil Fab21 impression 3D
outil Fab21 impression 3D
outil Fab21 impression 3D
prototypage 3D

Fabb21 reinvents its industrial integration process

Fabb21 has placed 3D printing in the heart of its developments, design and industrialisation processes. Based on its new model, Fab21 is able to produce prototypes within few hours with high precision.

  • Approve parts or specific tools
  • Create rapidly, easily and at low cost, 3D models for a large variety of applications
  • Reduce process of design
  • Reduce cost of R&D
  • Amelioration and ease design non-conformities
  • Production leadtime brought to its minimum
  • Assit and consult our clients in design and develoment phase

From CAD til final part

Reliability raised through 3D printing


Improved leadtime

Jigs creation accelerated

Leadtime devided by 2

Ultra High Definition

Precision is not compromised through 3D printing

3D print accuracy within 2 hundreds

Autres services

The automotive quality and discipline at your disposal.

The whole Fabb21 team is at your disposal. Our commitment is being transcribed by applying continuously the best of our know-how capitalised through the years.
With humility and determination, our goal will always be to supply you the right answer to your requests.
Our loyalty is based on a constant professional behaviour in between our team workers, contributors, and all partners.

Fab21 is the dedicated partner of leading automotive actors and operates by their side in order to meet targets on every programs.
With a production facility composed of more than 100 of machineries, ISO9001 certified, and located in the heart of Europe, Fab21 positions itself as a dedicated partner capable of responding promptly through all stages of  subassemblies manufacture.
Fab21 expertise in machining, bodyshop, assembly, fast 3D prototyping, and 3D control, allows many alternatives to your needs. These skills are applied  in different fields such as:

  • Short leadtime development
  • simple parts
  • sub-assemblies
  • assemblies

Fab21 goal is to meet its clients expectations.

Because your satisfaction is our main concern, we will apply all our know-how in the accomplishment of your projects. Our skills of transforming materials (sheets and tubes) can be handled through several soldering processes:

  • TIG for steel, stainless steel and aluminium;
  • MIG MAG for steel, stainless steel and aluminium;
  • Welding by resistance (spot welding) for steel or stainless steel ;
  • Flame Soldering (oxyacetylene torch) ;
  • Oven (steel or stainless steel).

Our company includes a wide range of engineering skills and ressources. Based on our technical kow-how, we can always supply a personalised response to each phase of your project.

Fab21 offers full services, handling project planning, logistics, using its own ressources, based on its know-how and qualified team.

Fab21 has been a labeled intern and extern training center.  Thanks to its qualified trainers and teaching materials, our personnel can be trained quickly and on-site.  Customized programs have been created to develop specific necessary skills.  This training allowed us to increase the quality of our products (5 PPM) and at the same time decrease absenteeism.

Being a labeled training center, we can also train personnel from other enterprises.